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The Petersfield & District Philatelic Society

Policy Statement Regarding the:



GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018 and all organisations handling information are required to comply with the following Principles-


A.    Information held must be Lawful, Fair and Transparent.

B.    Personal Data must comply with GDPR.

C.    An organisation must be able to respond to Members and Third Party requests and rights under GDPR.

D.    Personal Data held must be only that required for the organisation to function efficiently

E.    There must be clear guidelines on how personal data is to be used.

F.    Data must be accurate, and must be kept for no longer than necessary.

G.    The Organisation must declare where data is stored, and notify members as to who has access.

H.    The Organisation must ensure that data is held securely, whether on paper, or electronically.

I.    Where data is shared with third parties, external to the organisation, there must be clear rules as to how that data is used, and shared.,

The Organisation: The Petersfield and District Philatelic Society.

Members Rights and Responsibilities

Members have the right to:

A.    Have copies of all their personal data held by the Organisation.

B.    Amend, or have their data deleted.

Members are to inform the Membership Secretary when there are any changes to their personal data held by the Organisation.

Any request to use these rights, or changes to data is to be dealt within one month of notification.


Members will be advised of the Policies of the Organisation under GDPR through this Policy Statement.  Should any member not wish the Organisation to keep personal information, they have the right to have their information removed, or amended. The member will be advised of the implications of this action

Storage Limitation:

Once a member resigns, or does not re-new her/his subscription, the reason for keeping their data has been removed, and will be removed at the end of the following subscription period. However their name and the reason for not renewing (usually resignation) will be kept.


Data will be held and updated by the Membership Secretary in spreadsheet format on a personal computer, and may be accessed or passed to Committee members in order to facilitate the efficient running of the Society.  However details will not be passed to third parties without the relevant members consent.

The personal data of members identified as the minimum required to run the Organisation efficiently has been reviewed, and approved by the Committee, and use has been authorised for the following:

A.    Society Website – Telephone Numbers, and E-mail addresses only.

B.    Programme Cards – Telephone Numbers, and E-mail addresses only.

C.    “Philatelist” – distribution list; “Philatelist” cover – Telephone Numbers of the Chairman, Secretary and Editor, plus the E-mail address of the latter.

D.    Packet circulation – enclosed listing of members contact details.

E.    Auction – Addresses for the despatch of catalogues, and postal sales. Vendors contact details for receipt of Auction material, and cheques for sold items.

F.    Membership Secretary – names, Addresses, E-mail addresses, and Telephone Numbers, Annual Subscription Details, and areas of interest.

Third Party Data:  The Auction Secretary, Packet Secretary and Treasurer are required to hold limited Third Party Data in order to conduct Society business for which they are responsible.  The handling of such data is to comply with the principles detailed above in all respects.

(7 November 2018)


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