1. General.

The society holds annual Trophy Competitions on dates specified in the yearly meeting programme.

2.  Rules For All Classes:

a)    Sheets

Sheets or pages should not normally exceed 295mm high and   245mm wide (approx. 12″ x 10″) and should be consecutively numbered on the back.  It is recommended that the sheets are in transparent covers.

b)    Entries

 All entries, which must be the sole property and work of the member.  After obtaining confirmation of the correct category at the start of the evening, entrants should when requested, put their sheets on the frames.  Entries will remain at the sole risk of the owner, and the Society will not be responsible for any loss or damage during the evening.

3.  16 Sheet Class.

Entries should consist of 16 sheets covering any category ().  If the owners agree, two of the 16 sheet entries may be chosen by the Committee to represent the society in the Howard White competition at Hampex, but any such entries must at that stage conform to the Federation rules.

4. Single Item.

Entries should consist of a single item of philatelic or postal interest, i.e. one cover or postcard, one single item or object, any multiple of stamps (blocks or sheet), but not combinations of them.

5. Letter/Decade/Year Ending Night  (Up to 5 sheets/pages).

Entries should consist of up to 5 sheets/pages of items of a postal nature connected with the chosen letter, decade or year ending.  Any entrant may if they wish support their entry with up to 5 minutes of explanation.

6. Postcards. (Up to 8 sheets/pages).

For competition a Picture Postcard must have an illustration and may be Used ( must show that they have been through a postal service) or Unused  ( must have printed text or printed address lines, for example a postage area, which shows that the card is meant to be posted without an envelope.

7. Judging and Marking.

Members present will judge, each entry in the categories set out in paragraphs 3 to 6 above, and record their first, second and third choices on the ballot paper provided.  Two Members will scrutinise the ballot papers on the basis of three points for first choice, two points for second and one for third.  The entry with the highest total will be awarded the appropriate trophy.

8.  Trophies and Awards.

(a)    The Trophies below, together with a certificate, will be awarded at the discretion of the Committee to the winners of the four classes, as follows:-

16 Sheet Class - Society Trophy (letter rack)
Single Item - Dingwall Scales
Letter/Decade Night - Ron Wood Trophy
Postcard Compettiton - Allen Trophy (Pillar box)  

The Tyro Cup will be awarded, at the discretion of the Committee, to encourage new entries.

(b)    The recipients of the trophies are responsible for keeping them adequately insured and in good condition to the satisfaction of the Committee and must return them by the AGM following their receipt.  The trophies remain the property of the Society at all times.

9.    Compliance with Guidelines.

The Committee reserves the right to exclude any entry that does not comply with the spirit of the Guidelines.

10.    Disputes.

Any dispute over the making of awards, or any irregularity, must be referred to the Secretary within 24 hours of the announcement of the results.  The Committee’s decision will be binding.

Approved by the Committee: Status Currently Provisional – 10 Apr 2019. 




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